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Immaculada Concepcion, 18th Century, Philippines

Immaculada Concepcion, 18th Century, Philippines

Immaculada Concepcion, 18th Century, Philippines
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This is a late 18th or early 19th century image of the Immaculate Conception or Immaculada Concepcion. Filipino in origin coming from the southern part of the country, probably Panay island. This piece was carved in the round (single piece of wood) from a fine grained medium heavy yellowish type of hardwood. It has her original hands clasped in praying position. There are cracks on the front and back of the base and pieces of wood are also missing from the base.
This is a typical example of the bell type santos. It can be ascertained that the existing colors of dark blue are its original colors. Notice the white gesso on top of the paint. That means there used to be paint over the gesso. The natives paint their santos from time to time so that newer paint will cover up the older paint. As time goes by the paint peels off or cracks and exposes the various layers and colors of paint. In the case of this santos because of age and the use of gesso before overpainting, the overpaint has mostly peeled off. Even the original paint  has peeled off and has exposed the wood which gives this santos a unique character. Chip on nose has smoothened from age.
Figure = 12.25" high x 6 " wide x 4.5" deep
Weight = 1 lb., 6 oz.

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