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Nino Dormido (Sleeping Infant Jesus), 19th C., Indo-Portuguese

Nino Dormido (Sleeping Infant Jesus), 19th C., Indo-Portuguese
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DESCRIPTION: This is a RARE wood carving of the Nino Dormido de Jesus (Sleeping Infant Jesus). Carved from a heavy type of hardwood and polychrome painted over gesso. The crackling and aging paint and the styling (hairstyle and facial features) traces its origin from Goa India and during the middle of 19th century. This piece has probably been a part of a larger Nativity setting where the Baby Jesus lay on a manger of hay. His hair is water gilded in gold, around his neck waist and feet paint wear all over his body especially on his face. He is carved is in great shape with no breaks or chips in the wood although there is paint loss most of it on his backside. It will be very fascinating for a collector to have such a piece. The silver resplendor (halo) is not included in the sale and is listed SKU# 2012128. The crib is a newer piece and is included in the sale. Many models of this type of carving were also carved in ivory. Please let us know if you need more info or photos.
DIMENSIONS: 6.0" high X 2.5" wide X 2.0" deep
WEIGHT: 3.3 oz.

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