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Salvador del Mundo con Capilla, Spain, Early 19th Century

Salvador del Mundo con Capilla, Spain, Early 19th Century

Salvador del Mundo con Capilla, Spain, Early 19th Century
Full on chairside on chairside 2 on chairgold thread embroideryfeetaltar frontaltar backhandsfaceupper body w crown
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This is an Early 19th Century Spanish Colonial hand carved wood figure of the Child Jesus (Nino Jesus, Santo Nino, Christ Child, Nino de Praga or Infant of Prague) in sitting position. He originally came from a church in Spain being held by a Virgen del Rosario. Very similar to the ivory figures of that era wherein he is carved out of wood over gesso and polychrome painted in the encarnada style. He has very lifelike reverse painted glass eyes. Beneath the clothing are articulated arms which are moveable. The entire piece is made of wood. No breaks or missing parts although there is paint loss in one of his legs (see pictures). He is probably older than his vestment since his vestment which is probably late 19th century is still intact. Besides the obvious age of the robe there is no damage. Church relics were normally maintained regularly and vestments were replaced from time to time. The brown velvet robe material is embellished with metallic gold embroidery and trimmings. He has a cord belt made entirely of gold metallic material There are lace trimmings around his hands and collar. His crowns and gold medallion are NOT INCLUDED in the price.
The chair he is sitting on is late 19th century carved wood with red silk sitting pad and backing. It was related by the original owner that it came with the altar (or capilla / urna / nicho) from a figure of sitting Christ the King (Cristo del Mundo).
The altar looks like it is made of Spanish cedar. The details and styling are late 19th century to early 20th century with beautiful casework and hand carving. The thick glass panels are heavy and are original. The red backing has a velvet material. These pieces were from an estate brought from Spain in the early 20th century by a Spanish immigrant family that has meticulously cared for them all these years. These pieces are RARE for their age and condition.
Dimensions of Christ: 11.5” H x 6” W x 7” D, Dimensions of Chair: 21” H x 7.5” W x 6” D, Dimensions of the Altar: 30.5” H (top of highest finial) x 13” W x 9.5” D. Weight of Christ and Chair: 2#, 7oz., Total weight: 14 lbs. (Christ, chair and altar).

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