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Madonna and Child Early 20th C, Italy

Madonna and Child Early 20th C, Italy

Madonna and Child Early 20th C, Italy
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This is an early 20th Century figure of the Madonna and Child from Italy. It was brought to the U.S. by an Italian immigrant family during the mid 20th century as is the custom for some of  them to bring their images wherever they settle. It was displayed in a glass case but eventually disassembled and stored in a box for many years so that the vestiture is preserved so well. The only defect in the clothing is liquid stain at the bottom of the garment as shown in the picture where the feet are shown. The wooden parts are the head, the hands and feet of the Virgin and the Child Jesus and the base. The body is made of batting or wool wrapped in linen. The clothing or vestiture is satin and the multicolored veil made of silk. The main garment is machine made and the trim  finishing is all hand sewn. The inner garment is cream colored cotton. The head of the virgin has paint loss on the hair and below the nose as shown in the pictures as well as paint loss on the feet. The forehead of the Child has a paint chip. Both of their wooden gold gilt crowns have wood loss as shown in pictures. The Virgin has a large brass halo as well. Care must be observed in assembling the piece since it will come disassembled. There is a chance the head may fall if the assembly is not properly sequenced. Will be professionally packed in 15 x 16 x 24 box.
Dimensions:  Virgin, 26” high w/o the halo, 29” high w/ halo x 10” wide x 6” deep
                      Halo, 7” diameter, weight = 2.7 oz.
Total Weight:  3 lbs, 4 oz.

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